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Move In Cleaning Service Long Island

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Congratulations on finding your dream home!

After all the numerous paper work you had to juggle, you need a stress reliever, that's where Tidy Always comes in. Before you move into your beautiful new home, the old home needs to be cleaned so you don't miss out on the security deposit.

Most importantly there are other priorities that need your attention like painting, packing and unpacking and ultimately make sure your entire family are comfortably settled into the new home.

Tidy Always will help you with all your move in, move out cleaning needs to get you ready for moving day. It includes a combination of our standing cleaning and deep cleaning. We understand exactly what condition you need to keep your own home - sparkling clean!

Contact us for all your move in cleaning service Long Island.

100% Re-clean, No Questions Asked

Our "We Keep It TidyAlways" satisfaction guarantee is that if you are not completely satisfied your home cleaning service, we will comeback and clean again at no cost to you or refund your money - no questions asked! This is what makes us one of the best home cleaning services Long Island.

A Dependable Move In Cleaning Service Long Island

You turn the keys on your new home or apartment, everything looks perfect on the outside but the inside is another story. That is where Tidy Always come in, our move in cleaning service Long Island professional cleaners ensure that your family live in a spotless new environment.

One bedroom, one bath moving in cleaning service Long Island including kitchen and living room starts from $130. Two bedrooms, two baths is $180.
Our exceptional move-in cleaning service Long Island include the following: vacuum and sweep all floors, wipe down baseboards, scrub shower and bathtub, scrub toilets, clean sinks and countertops, clean kitchen appliances and dust everything
Yes, if you value your time, or you just don’t have the time, then hiring a cleaning firm could be your best option. They’re also a great option for those that don’t have the materials or don’t like cleaning. Do away with one less moving out stress by hiring professional move-out cleaners like us to take care of the problem.
  1. Change the Locks
  2. Clean everything – at least twice.
  3. Make sure all the utilities and services are now in my name and the correct meter readings have been taken and I am not liable for any previous usage.
  4. If renting – take photos of absolutely everything, from every angle.
  5. If renting – make sure all the appliances are working.
  6. Clean again – especially cupboards and wardrobes that I am about to fill with my own stuff. They probably are not going to be empty again for a very long time.
  7. Make sure all the windows can be properly secured.
  8. Make sure that the yard is properly secured and make sure that my dog cannot escape.
  9. Unpack – everything – and put it away.
  10. Introduce myself to the neighbors and work out who are the good ones and which ones I perhaps should avoid.
  11. Ask the neighbors – or work out myself – the best local stores to shop at.
  12. Sit down and have a glass of wine.
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