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Home Cleaning Services Long Island Nassau County

How Home Cleaning Services Long Island Nassau County Works:

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1. Call For an Estimate

Choose a day and time that works best for you. You go through a stress-free secured booking process that is as simple easy as abc.

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2. We Clean & Tidy Up Always

The best and quality professionals who delivers nothing but the best-in-class home cleaning service in Long Island. Each cleaning job is reviewed to make sure you are satisfied before it is called DONE!

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3. Enjoy Your Beautiful Home

After all, a clean home is a happy home!

A Brief History of Nassau County, NY

In 1670, Daniel Denton reported to England that the inhabitants of Long Island “are blessed with Peace and Plenty, blessed in their Country, blessed in their fields.”The Dutch controlled Manhattan, then known as New Amsterdam, in 1640, when a small group of New England British arrived hoping to relocate near Oyster Bay. Dutch authorities soon forced the Englishmen eastward where they eventually established the town of Southampton.

Three years later, on December 13, 1643, another band of adventurous New Englanders crossed the Long Island Sound from the Connecticut towns of Weathersfield and Stamford. The colonists landed at Manhasset Bay, traversed the thick North Shore woodlands, and established the town of Hempstead near clear streams and ponds.

A giant population wave changed Nassau County, almost overnight from a rural farming community to the nation’s largest suburb. So frenetic was the growth during the 1950’s that the number of people moving into the county in a single year often surpassed the entire population of 55,448 in 1900. The population doubled in ten years from 1950 to 1960, increasing from 672,000 to 1,300,700, reaching a peak of 1,428,838 in 1970. Major redevelopment of the east/west parkway systems created just before World War II were supplemented by the creation of additional north/south parkways and the Long Island Expressway.

In the subsequent decades of the 1980’s and ’90’s, population growth ceased but the county’s economic base and business/educational/recreational infrastructure changed dramatically as every aspect matured within the changes affecting all of America. Manufacturing, particularly the aviation industry, declined while retail and service employment boomed. A dramatic increase in office construction with some buildings exceeding over 1,000,000 square feet, changed the Nassau horizon and established it as a major place of white collar employment. Nassau County family income is in the top ten percent of the nation with the number one retail sales per household.
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Why Home Cleaning Services Long Island Nassau County?

  • Your home is always safe with us as we are insured.
  • You can call/text (516) 216-9298 or send us an email anytime. We are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.
  • Your house is cleaned by a 2 person team always.
  • Your cleaners are hand-picked friendly, fun, outgoing and all around awesome people who have passed background checks.
  • We show up on time, a 2PM appointment means a 2PM appointment and not 2.05PM.
  • "Keep It TidyAlways" guarantee means a 300% satisfaction is guaranteed - if you are not happy with the service, we will comeback and clean again for free.
  • Every job is reviewed!

Why Do You Need a Home Cleaning Service?

After a long day of running around, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a clean and stress-free home? Now you can! Tidy Always Home Cleaning Services Long Island Nassau County, NY will make that happen for you at a very reasonable rate on a one time or a repeated cleaning service any where you are in Long Island.

Our philosophy is that a great home cleaning experience starts from the time you reach out to Tidy Always for a cleaning quote. Our exceptional customer service crew will have all the answers you are looking for as soon as possible. As a Hempstead-base company, we only a short distance away from you.

  • Tidy Always is a minority-owned business that treats you as a member of our family.
  • All our Long Island cleaners have 5 Star reviews on all online platforms. That means, we work very hard to make you happy at home.
  • Always on time, and never in a rush to leave your home until you are satisfied with the job.

Long Island Nassau NY Neighborhoods

Home Cleaning Hempstead
Home Cleaning North Hempstead
North Hempstead
Home Cleaning Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay
Home Cleaning Freeport
Home Cleaning Valley Stream
Valley Stream

Top Sights to See in Long Island Nassau, NY

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Beautiful Home Cleaning Services We Offer

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Standard Cleaning

Our standard home cleaning service in Long Island is personalized to ensure your home is cleaned to your satisfaction. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a one time cleaning.

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Deep Cleaning

Deep home cleaning is when you need to tidy up the areas in your home that doesn't require regular cleaning.

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AirBnB Cleaning

We will keep your property always looking clean so your guest can enjoy a peace of mine while they relax.

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Move In/Move Out Cleaning

We take care of you when you are leaving your current home or moving into a new home. Leave on a good note or start afresh in a healthy environment.

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Post Renovation Cleaning

We can in after the construction crew leaves and make sure all the mess left behind are taken care off!